Friday, September 11, 2009

Shanghai subsidizes energy-saving light bulbs
Shanghai is helping residents make the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs by offering a significant subsidy. Bulbs normally priced at 20 yuan will now be sold at two to three yuan at residential complexes.

It's early morning but already long queues are forming at this energy-efficient bulb vendor's booth in Shanghai. Eager buyers are responding to the government's subsidy for the new bulbs. This 80-year-old woman believes saving money and electricity is a bright idea.

Resident of Shanghai said "I came at nine in the morning to find the long queue was already here. I like the government subsidy, which shows the government really takes care of us."

Resident of Shanghai said "Saving energy is good for the country and good for individuals."

Many residents bought more than a dozen bulbs each. In addition to their power and cost savings, the energy-efficient bulbs have a longer lifespan than their incandescent counterparts.

Shanghai will subsidize 8 million energy efficient bulbs this year, compared to 1 million last year.

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