Saturday, August 28, 2010

Con Ed Rebates Surpass Target

Friday, August 27, 2010

Many more people than expected cashed in on the rebates Con Edison was offering for purchasing energy efficient air conditioners.
Earlier this summer, Con Ed offered $30 back to customers who bought new Energy Star window units for their homes. This wasn’t a typical marketing gimmick meant to pump up sales: Con Ed doesn’t manufacture air conditioners but it is trying to reduce energy consumption and agreed to the rebates as part of a plan required by state regulators.
Cristina Coltro, Con Ed's manager of residential conservation program, says the utility expected 7,500 customers would take part--but more than 12,000 have qualified so far.
“We believe the heat wave was a big driver for customers to go out and purchase new AC's,” she said.
The overwhleming response means that Con Ed's spending about $150,000 more than expected on the program. Coltro says the healthy response will help the utility reduce peak demand during future heat waves. The rebate ended last month.

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