Saturday, September 13, 2008

City moves to improve power use efficiency

By Cai Wenjun  |   2008-9-13  

AUTHORITIES plan to implement a citywide program to save energy used by motorized equipment at local enterprises.

The effort was announced at a seminar yesterday by officials at the Shanghai Energy Conservation Service Center. 

The center will introduce energy-saving compressors and other solutions to local enterprises that use the equivalent of more than 5,000 tons of coal a year. Motorized equipment at the city's 800-odd enterprises account for 70 to 80 percent of local industrial energy use, the center said. 

City government has issued a series of policies to encourage enterprises to save energy. Among them, the incentive for every ton of coal-equivalent saved was increased from 200 yuan (US$29) to 300 yuan, and education was added on ways to save energy and protect the environment.

Qin Hongbo, official with the energy conservation service center, said small and medium-sized state and privately owned enterprises are falling behind big plants and those with overseas backgrounds in energy saving technology and equipment.

According to Markku Keloneva, business development manager optimizing products Asia of Atlas Copco, a Swedish industrial productivity solutions provider, Chinese companies need more education after purchasing energy-saving equipment.

"Equipment is only one aspect of an energy-saving project. Chinese enterprises should establish a whole package of energy-saving systems and receive professional guidance to ensure a long-term effect," he said.

Hair Group's Meng Jie said the company has saved 6 percent on power consumption since launching an advanced air compressor and energy monitoring system last year.

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